More Ongoing Efforts to Reduce CO2 within Faith Communities

United Presbyterian Church in Superior, Wisconsin

– Reduce miles driven—keep track of miles and put into collection plate
(bike, walk, carpool)
– Bulletin board provides graphic display of success
– Convert miles saved to carbon savings
– Promote drying laundry outdoors (Save 5 lbs of CO2 per load)
– Newsletter articles to inform congregation
– These are all easy to replicate

First Congregational Church in Grand Marais, MN

– 5-10 person group to serve as role models to plan events
– energy audit
– 4 forums are planned with the broader community invited
– The focus is on global warming and how it will affect families and communities. We are framing it as a moral issue needing action
1. Aimed at business, with Native American and Christian perspectives (panel)
2. Speakers from recycling, reuse center
3. How global warming will change society/ health, economy
4. Local Response (business, politics, etc.)

Team: Temple Israel

– Youth group projects (cloth bags)
– Book club/ choose global warming book (see list below)
– Congregational book reading (seder)
– Newsletter- include monthly CO2 reduction suggestions
– Investigating energy audits- grant monies available
– Those who carpooling to Temple dinners will be eligible for a drawing for a $5 gas card.
– Beach sweep
– Plan religious celebrations (Lake Superior, Seder, Blessing of the Sun)
– Hadassah speaker- May- Rachel Wagner, “green” architect
– Go over past board records to find resolutions already passed that might lead to reduction of CO2.

Team: St. Scholastica

Addition to gymnasium
– Recycled demolition
– Construction materials are local
– Use recycled materials
– Install pervious blacktop
– Small changes
– 1 stream recycling (Having someone pick up office recycling has resulted in a 50% reduction in trash)
– Recycling dorm mattresses
– Lighting- bulb replacement
– T12 to T8 replacements
– CAL bulbs (got rebate)
– Food recycling
– Encourage carpool
– Green bike- campus bikes available for all to use
– Encourage bikes/ motorcycles- reserved spots for parking

1st United Methodist

– Awareness of sustainability throughout church
– Energy audits
– Replacing windows- in process
– Global warming sessions (2)
– Pacific Northwest Institute Guides for discussion on global warming and CO2 reduction
– Food recycling- WLSSD or collection site
– 4 yr. study group on-going- environmental concerns
– Adult forums to discuss environmental issues

Team: Peace Church

– Adult forums on global warming and CO2 reductions
– Energy Audit
– CFL program
– In homes of congregants who purchased bulbs there was a calculated net savings 52.6 metric tons of CO2
– Working on National resolution on CO2 reduction for United Church of Christ churches-

Team: Spirit Center Northland College

– Working from the bottom-up to make changes with maintenance
– Working from the top-down to change the administration
– Planting trees- soil/land conservation
– Bio-digester- Compost
– Advertising Bay Area Rural Transport System. Student fees have been pooled so they now ride free (unlimited)
– Storm drain stencil- No Toxics Here- student project

Team: Bethel Lutheran Church

– Energy saving project
-Plastic covering over stained glass
– Using less Styrofoam
– Installing new doors
– Thermostat zones (heating only parts of buildings as needed)
– Car-pooling
-Involving youth in project

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