Speaker, Facilitator, and Video Resources

For help in facilitating a meeting, finding resources, setting up a program, or for a speaker/presenter on climate change or energy issues, contact the INTERFAITH TEAM:

Jan Conley                  715-374-2088

Deb Carroll                715-392-6093

Bill Mittlefehldtt        218-726-6146          billmittle@aol.com

Jesse Schomberg       218-726-6182          jschombe@d.umn.edu


(Those underlined are available to borrow from EAGLE; call (218) 726-1828)

The End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream   (shown 4-25-05) 78 min.

Affluenza (PBS) examines the high cost of achieving the most extravagant lifestyle the world has ever seen.

The Great Warming: It has been called “the best film about global warming ever produced”.   Narrated by Alanis Morissette and Keanu Reeves, The Great Warming sweeps around the world to reveal how a changing climate is affecting us all. 85 mins. More at: http://www.thegreatwarming.com

6 Degrees Could Change the World (National Geographic): Driven by speculation that planet Earth’s average temperature could rise as much as six degrees Celsius by the year 2100, the filmmakers at National Geographic speculate about the effects that each new degree would have on both mankind and the world we live in. 90 minutes.

Dimming the Sun (NOVA): New evidence that air pollution has masked the full impact of global warming suggests the world may soon face a heightened climate crisis.

Stewards of the Earth: provides compelling reasons why we should be concerned about the moral and social justice implications of global warming and why it is our responsibility to care for those who will be most impacted.  Produced in 2007 by St. Joan of Arc Catholic Church Minneapolis MN.  Interviews with MN leaders.  20 mins.

Lighten Up: A Religious Response to Global Warming: delivers a series of core messages about environmental stewardship and combating global warming.  This engaging film will inform and inspire congregation members and help religious leaders and stewardship committees create a meaningful experience as they learn what they can do to reduce production of greenhouse gases, save energy (and money) and become better stewards of God’s Creation. 20 minutes. Discussion guide available online: http://www.theregenerationproject.org/

An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore’s movie laying out the case for climate change and the critical need for action.

The Power of Community: How Cuba Survived Peak Oil 53 minutes

The Future of Food:If you eat, you should see this film.”

Who Killed the Electric Car? a 2006 documentary film that explores the birth, limited commercialization, and subsequent death of the battery electric vehicle in the United States

A Crude Awakening: tells the story of how our civilization’s addiction to oil puts it on a collision course with geology. 90 mins

Peak Oil: Imposed by Nature, distributed by the Post Carbon Institute

World in the Balance: The Population Paradox A global snapshot of today’s human family.  From NOVA

New Energy: A Fresh Look at how the Midwest is Creating a Green Energy Economy (Twin Cities Public TV) www.windustry.org

Global Warming: The Signs and the Science     A PBS Home Video

Escape From Suburbia: Beyond the American Dream on the challenges of a sustainable civilization

(list compiled with help from the Lake Superior Energy Association)

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