Video Viewing Suggestions for Team Leaders


The United States uses more energy per person than any other country.  The scale of threats associated with global warming makes this the largest moral challenge ever faced by humankind.

Our hope is to unite faith teams so they can provide educational awareness of the looming crisis presented by global warming. We encourage work to improve energy conservation within congregational buildings and within the homes of faith community members. We also urge an examination of the myriad of different choices we make each day which lead either to reducing or expanding global warming /greenhouse gas emissions   Through this effort we hope to help slow the destabilizing and environmentally destructive effects of global warming as well as enriching our faith.

We have developed a list of video selections that can be used to address a variety of issues associated with global warming.

Select Video for your Faith Team:

Though we may not agree with everything expressed in the listed videos, the listed videos have been recommended based on their content and perspectives, and should encourage discussion.  You can use the video to motivate, inform, focus and unite your Faith Team.

We suggest that the team leader or person who is presenting the DVD watch it before hand and give a very brief synopsis.   They might also read the film questions to their audience ahead of time to give the viewers a focus.  If you wish, Jan, Deb, Bill, or Jesse may be available to lead the discussion of the video.  Our contact information is also on the flip side of this sheet.

Suggested Discussion Questions:

Below is a list of general questions that may help you lead a discussion about the content of the video.  It’s not an exhaustive list, and each video may lend itself to a number of other questions, but we hope this list helps you get started.

1.     What did you learn that you didn’t know before, and how does this affect your views on addressing this issue?

2.     In what ways can this video help our team focus awareness and action on climate change?

3.     How does this video challenge our faith community?

4.  With what part of our tradition and story does this video resonate? Does this video resonate with any part of our tradition?

5.     What facts, ideas, or suggestions did you gain by watching this video that we might use in our plan for carbon reduction?

6.     What concrete actions can we take?

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