Protecting Children’s Health at Home

There are so many things we do every day to protect our children. We use seat belts and bike helmets; we keep medications out of reach; we put gates at the tops of stairs. Protecting them from toxins in the environment is just as easy and should be a part of our daily routine, as well. Use these resources to start today.

Fact Sheets

Food, 2pgs, pdf
Cleaning, 2pgs, pdf
Healthy Indoor Air, 2pgs, pdf
Home Renovation, 2pgs, pdf
Pesticides, 2pgs, pdf
Water, 2pgs, pdf
Smart Shopping, 2pgs, pdf


Healthy Child Healthy World – The national leader in helping parents create healthy environments for children. Start here to live your life in a safer, greener, healthier way.

Safer Products Project – Tour your home to find products that contain hidden hazards and find safer alternatives. Clean Production Action

Consumer Tools – One of the most extensive consumer databases with information about food, personal care products, drinking water and more. Environmental Working Group

New American Dream – Live Consciously, Buy Wisely, Make a Difference.

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