Safe Lawn & Garden

You don’t need to risk your health or pollute the planet to have a nice lawn and garden!

3 Simple Steps To Make Your Lawn Safe and Healthy:

Mow high! Maintain a height of 3 to 3 1/2 inches. Longer grass has deeper roots, and is more drought resistant. It also shades the ground, thus decreasing the amount of weed seeds that can germinate.

Keep your lawn mower blades sharp! Sharp mower blades cut cleanly, instead of tearing the grass blade and making it mores susceptible to disease.

Use an electric or push reel lawn mower! Using a typical four horsepower gas lawn mower for an hour is the equivalent of driving a car 93 miles. Not only do gas mowers emit more CO2, they release hazardous air pollutants as well. ( Reduce how much you mow by reducing your lawn’s size! Plant native plants, groundcover, shrubs, trees, etc.

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Safe Lawn and Garden is a joint project of EAGLE and the Duluth Community Garden Program originally funded by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency. The goal of this campaign is to educate businesses and homeowners about options for simple, nontoxic methods of lawn and garden care.

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