Safe Lawn & Garden Resources/Links

Ecology of our Lawns and Gardens

The Four Fundamental Processes that Drive our Ecosystem

Institute for Holistic Management

The Life (Biology) of the Soil; Composting, Compost Tea, and Sheetmulching

The Soil Food Web; Information on Soil Biology/Chemistry and Compost Tea

How to Brew Compost Tea

Worm Composting and Worm Juice

How to Compost at Home

How To Sheetmulch

How to get your Soil Tested



Pesticides and Synthetic Fertilizers

Beyond Pesticides

National Coalition for Pesticide-Free

The Truth about Pesticides, Cats, and Dogs

Excellent Report on Pesticides

Environmental Risks of Using Synthetic Fertilizrs

Organic Bob,” the Minneapolis-Based Organic Lawn Care Service

General Organic Gardening Information

ATTRA (National Sustainable Agriculture Information Service)

General Gardening Tips

Biointensive Gardening

Duluth Community Garden Program

OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute

Seed Starting

Seed Saving


Permaculture Collaborative (Twin-Cities Based Permaculture Group)

Permaculture Institute of Santa Fe

Permaculture Research Institute of Australia

Native Plants/Landscape Restoration

Wild Ones–a Native Plant Gardening Club

Minnesota DNR information on Native Plants

Leaning Pines Native Landscaping and Nursery

Boreal Natives


Information on Rainbarrels from Lake Superior Streams

How to Make a Rainbarrel

General Information about Runoff in our City (Duluth, MN)

Water Treatment Information from WLSSD

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