Pesticides are highly toxic poisons; they are created to kill living things. Pesticides are linked to a wide range of health problems that include asthma, behavior problems, cancer, learning disabilities and reproductive disorders.

The key to reducing pesticide use is preventing pest problems in the first place. Integrated pest management (IPM) is a formal program of prevention that is safer, and usually less costly option for effective pest management in and around schools. An IPM program uses common sense strategies to reduce sources of food, water and shelter for pests.


Integrated Pest Management in Schools – US Environmental Protection Agency – This site provides general information about Integrated Pest Management, how to know if your school is really using IPM, how you can get started, common pests in school settings and regional resources. Also check out their “Integrated Pest Management for Schools: A How-to Manual” and their IPM in School Nationwide Directory

Beyond Pesticides– Beyond Pesticides provides useful information on pesticides and alternatives to their use. Their site includes an extensive amount of pesticide fact sheets, alternatives fact sheets,
how-to fact sheets, daily news, research and state specific information.
Their publications include “Safer Schools: Achieving a Healthy Learning Environment through Integrated Pest Management

School Pesticide Use: Resources for Promoting Healthier Schools – Northwest Coalition for Alternatives to Pesticides – These resources include the following useful publications: Restoring Healthy School Landscapes, “Hot” New Tools and Time-Tested Natural Methods for Managing School Landscapes, Unthinkable Risk:How Children Are Exposed and Harmed When Pesticides Are Used at School, Steps Parents and Teachers Can Take to Reduce School Pesticide Use, Elements of a Sound and Effective School Pesticide Minimization Policy, and more.

Safer Pest Control Project – Find information on the costs of IPM, sample policy language, hiring contractors and more.

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